Authenticity, growth, transformation and being the best version of yourself you can possibly be is what created the foundation we stand on at Monarch Management.

Driven by deep respect and passion for true raw talent, Monarch Management prides itself on representing unique individuals who want to grow and have a fierce desire to stay true to their authentic self. We honor and encourage our talent to be creatively who they want to be so they can become the best version of themselves in this constantly changing entertainment industry. Monarch Management gives personal attention to guide each individual along their journey so that they can transform and become their highest creative self.

With over 30 years of experience in the entertainment industry, Marisa Munoz has taken her expansive experience and vast knowledge to create Monarch Management. She operates on integrity, trust, honesty and open communication. She has a good old-fashioned work ethic and is as dedicated to her clients as they are to their craft. Monarch Management is her way of giving back all she has learned to help others achieve their dreams and desires.

Marisa was born and raised in a little town North of Santa Barbara on the Central Coast of California. She spent the majority of her career building years in Los Angeles and eventually found her way to Music City. Nashville is now her home base yet she finds herself constantly traveling from coast to coast. Nashville has given her enough city and country to satisfy all levels of her creative soul. Dancing was her greatest love and passion starting at the age of 7. She followed her heart and made a career of it on stage and in front of the camera. After years of auditioning, performing, teaching and doing choreography Marisa decided being behind the camera was more fulfilling and a whole new creative way to express herself.

Behind the camera, Marisa started in Commercial Production and quickly realized she had an impeccable eye for unique talent. With that M Casting, Inc. came to fruition. Starting with lifestyle, beauty and fashion she eventually broadened her vision adding true raw talent in narrative comedy and drama. M Casting Inc. is now known nationwide for casting commercials, print music video, TV and film. This gave Marisa the opportunity to work with top of the line directors, photographers, producers, production companies, networks and studios in the entertainment industry. Marisa understands the pressure of auditioning and surviving in this demanding industry. She prides herself on kindness and constructive criticism. “It is better to build someone up, than to tear them down.”

After 20 years of building a highly reputable casting company Marisa felt the need to make a move and take on yet another challenge. She has shifted her casting focus over to her brother Ray who now takes the lead at M Casting Inc. With all of her vast knowledge in all areas of entertainment, management seemed to be the best way for Marisa to continue to grow, transform and be true to her own authentic self. Monarch Management has become an extension of the true essence of who Marisa is and who she likes to be to those that surround her. Marisa takes pride in taking each talent to the next level honoring each person’s individuality and staying true to their authentic self.